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peroxidemichael Ashton Irwin Is Fucking Amazing
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[takes vow of silence until teenage queen is released]


Cal just really wants to be in the shot…


ashton always incorporates an update in videos

"we juST murdered abOut 3 pEEple bat uh yEAH weaa heADed to LA foa our giG sea yU guyz sOOn hehE luv yA"

// Ashton Irwin - drummer//


so i realized i have quite a few gifs of ash on the drums so here’s a masterpost

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// I don’t give a fuck if you’re part of the 5sos family or not. //


I will throat punch the fuck out of you if you upset Ashton Iriwn. That boy is literally smiles. If you make him stop smiling, I will find you and I will punch you in the dick.

This has been a PSA and that is all.

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Think of
all the beauty
still left around
you and be
-Anne Frank